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  • Last year’s tax return (new client)
  • Full Name, Spouse, dependents
  • Birthdays – Month/Day/Year
  • Social security numbers for all dependents
  • W-2 forms for wages
  • 1099 forms for interest, dividends, retirement, social security, unemployment, & other income
  • Year-end statements from mutual funds
  • K-1 forms from partnerships, corporations, & estates
  • Rental or self-employment income and expense
  • Purchase and sale information for anything sold during the year
  • All other statements of income
  • IRA year end statements
  • Medical expenses
  • Records of estimated taxes paid
  • Property tax statements
  • 1098 forms for mortgage or student loan interest
  • Donations of money to charity
  • Donations of property to charity
  • Volunteer expenses and mileage
  • Amounts paid for higher education
  • Job related expenses
  • Investment related expenses
  • Childcare provider’s name, address, social security or EIN number, and amount paid