Frank & Patty
Frank & Patty

Patricia M. Murphy – IRS Licensed Enrolled Agent – Torrance, California

Patty Murphy has been filing taxes and serving her clients for 33 years beginning with her becoming a Registered Tax Preparer in 1991. After going out on her own in 1997, Patty opened her stand-alone office on Hawthorne Blvd in Lawndale.

In 2013 Patty became an Enrolled Agent. Enrolled Agents are a select group of persons who have earned the privilege of representing Taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. Patty is well versed in not only personal tax returns but business and corporate returns as well. Patty has also negotiated many resolutions with the IRS for those with tax problems.

In 2018 Patty moved to her present business address on Torrance Bl in the City of Torrance. Patty not only continues to serve many of her original clients but now is filing taxes for their children and grandchildren! Patty continues her ongoing Tax Education yearly so she is up to date on all current Federal and State Tax Laws and Regulations.

Because Patty’s business continues to grow, her Husband, Frank Murphy will be joining the business in 2024. After 27 years, Frank recently retired as a General Manager for a business that generated more than $250,000,000 in annual revenue. His responsibilities included every aspect of the business including more than 150 employees while overseeing Sales, Marketing, Accounting, payroll, HR, Legal, and customer service. Frank will miss the daily challenges of that business but is looking forward to a new challenge and spending more time with his beautiful wife and new Boss!

When not working Patty and Frank love to travel spend time with Family and spoil their Grandkids!

We hope to see you soon!

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Patty’s Income Tax

Income Tax Preparation

Same day – accurate.

Get your money back the next day or direct deposit to your account without any charges. We provide income tax service for individual, business, corporations.

We can check your previous taxes if they filed correctly and we can make an amended if there is a mistake and you can get money back for the last three years.


We help you to open your business.

IRS Tax Debt Relief by working with the IRS to file for an Offer in Compromise (OIC), eliminate tax penalties, file Unfiled Tax Returns. We help clients to reduce their debts. If you owe more than $10,000 we help you to reduce up to 95%. Our biggest case was $1,000,000 we settle for $500.

Stop IRS Levy Problems, IRS lien, release bank levy

Stop Wage Garnishment: Don’t let the IRS cut part of your pay check. Before the IRS starts garnishing part of your wages, take an action. We release levies the same day.

IRS Audit Representation

If you are facing an audit of your tax filing, I will fight to reduce or eliminate financial penalties.

If you have been audited and are unhappy with the results, we can help you file and appeal or reconsider your case (IRS Audit Reconsideration).

Whatever your IRS problems are, MPL Tax Solutions will provide an honest evaluation and represent your tax problem aggressively with the IRS at a very modest fee.

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Tax Debt Relief

The IRS will almost always accept some type of payment arrangement for past due taxes.

In order to qualify for a payment plan with the IRS you must meet the following rules and provide the IRS with this information:

  • You must have filed all tax returns. (It’s OK to owe money but you must file)
  • You will need to disclose all assets owned including all cash and bank accounts.
  • You must not have adequate cash available in a checking, savings, money market, or brokerage account to pay the IRS.
  • You must not have the capacity to borrow the amount owed to the IRS from other sources (i.e., a second mortgage on your home).
  • You must not have adequate equity in a retirement account from which you can borrow or liquidate; for example, IRA’s or 401K’s.

Assuming that you comply with the above list, then you can proceed to arrange a repayment of taxes with the IRS. The negotiation with the IRS will either take place over the phone with ACS (Automated Collection System), or in person with an IRS Revenue Officer.

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Back Tax Help

Do you have back tax returns that are Unfiled?

Are you missing the records and forms necessary to file your tax returns?  The IRS will not allow you to file an offer in compromise or get an installment agreement if you are not current on filing your back tax returns. If you have a refund coming to you and you file more than 3 years past the due date, the IRS will keep the refund. It is important to get your past due tax returns filed.

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