April 15th, 2024 is the Tax Deadline this year.

Not ready to file on time? We’ve helped hundreds of people with late filing and we can help you too.

If you don’t have all your documents we will be able to help you track down the missing information.

If You Are Missing a W-2 Form

You can ask your employer to send new a copy of your W-2. Some employers charge a nominal fee for this service. Employers are required by law to keep copies of your W-2s and other payroll information for at least four years.

If You Are Missing a 1099 Form

Form 1099 is most commonly used for self-employment income.

Many banks may have tax documents available for downloading from their web site, or you can call their customer service number to get a new 1099 mailed to you.

If you earned more than $600 as a consultant or independent contractor, your client is required to send you a 1099-MISC to report your income. Even if you didn’t receive a 1099, you are still required to report the income to the IRS. 

Getting Copies of Your Tax Documents from the IRS

The IRS receives copies of all your tax documents. You can easily obtain copies of them by mail or fax.

You’ll need to fill out Form 4506-T to request your income documents. This form is used to request transcripts of various tax documents. To request the income documents, check the box for line 8, “Form W-2, Form 1099 series, Form 1098 series, or Form 5498 series transcript.”

The IRS keeps your tax documents in their database for about four years, and up to ten years of documents might exist in their archives.