How big will your refund be this year? We make it easy to find out how much you’re going to get back from the IRS this year or see how much you’ll owe. We can estimate your 2023 taxes by calculating your previous years income and some other standard figures such as deductions, credits and payments. Patty’s Income Tax Solution will work to maximize your returns and work to manage a solution for your debt.

Patty’s Income Tax has been helping clients with personal taxes for over 30 years. Do you have back tax returns that are un-filed? Are you missing the records and forms necessary to file your tax returns? The IRS will not allow you to file an offer in compromise or get an installment agreement if you are not current on filing your back tax returns. If you have a refund coming to you and you file more than 3 years past the due date, the IRS will keep the refund. It is important to get your past due tax returns filed.

Are you a corporation that hasn’t filed yet? We can help with all steps to provide assistance for your corporation. Self Employed? We’ve been helping sole proprietors along every step of the way from filing to returns as well as debt negotiations and more.